13 things a woman should never have in her apartment.

So this isn’t by my standards and I’m going to pick it apart a little. I was reading on MSN Living and stumbled across the article titled “13 things a woman should never have in her apartment/home.” Some I agree with some I don’t, we’ll see what you think.

1. Excessive frills
I definitely agree with this one. Maybe it’s just more my personal taste however I hate frills. Too much pink, ruffles, or frills on anything drives me insane. Our name is not Elle Woods and we’re not in “Legally Blonde”. I seriously went crazy when she decorated her office area. Nobody wants to walk into your place and feel like barbie threw up.
2. Silk flower arrangements
Lololol these just remind me of my 94 year old grandma’s arrangements in her god awful apartment complex (bless her soul, RIP gma). THEY DO NOT LOOK REAL. You are fooling no one. This is pretty much just saying “everything I touch dies” and “don’t leave me in charge of anything living.” I feel like this is only ok under extenuating circumstances such as…well…I can’t even think of a good reason. You can let me know if you’ve got an excuse for having some.

3. Collage type photo frames

I definitely don’t agree with this one. I have frames all over the place!  Apparently there reason states “you’re setting your date up to ask you “who’s the pretty blonde?” and it’s not you..” Meh whatevs, just means you’ve got pretty friends! I love me some picture frames!

4. Stuffed animals (especially on your bed)
Amen! I feel so weird when I walk into a grown woman’s bedroom and they have stuffed animals all over! I’ll admit I have an entire garbage bag full of them stashed away but they’re not in the open. The most I have is a blanket my grandma made me hanging on the side of my bed. WE’RE GROWN WOMEN NOW!

5. Inspiration quotes
Again, I don’t agree with this one. I love me a good inspirational kick in the morning. Reasons for this states “Inspirational quotes of any kind, especially in needlepoint,  read as a cry for help under every circumstance.” Hahahaha. I have no needlepoint quotes so I’m in the clear and none of mine are too depressing so I’ll just agree to disagree with them on this.

6. Cheap bedding
I totally agree! Everyone wants to sleep with wonderful feeling sheets! I love me some silk sheets or super soft cotton! However we can’t always afford that! Cut us a break here. Seriously though, good quality bedding makes sleeping that much more enjoyable.

7. Cosmetics everywhere
Either keep them in your bathroom or have a designated spot for this. Don’t have stuff everywhere. Nobody needs to know how much work you put into looking your best! A girl is entitled so some secrets!

8. Doll collections
No, never. Creepy to the extreme.


9. Family photos by the bed
This is one of my cardinal no no’s. Who wants their parents watching them while they’re making sweet, sweet love? Not me.

10. An abundance of pet pictures
Ok so maybe like twenty is excessive however Ollie has his personal frames throughout my apartment. I sometimes even talk to them. I may miss him just a little too much…

11. Cat trees/homes
One phrase- “crazy cat lady.” You don’t want to be that.

12. Sorority memorabilia
While you’re in it hey that’s fine. If you’re old and out of college just put it away. Your ship has sailed.

13. Mismatched furniture (too much)
I really agree with this as well. A couple pieces is ok but everything would drive me nuts. I like everything to look put together.

Do you agree/disagree with any of these?