Saturday movie day!

So every once in a while I decide to spend my Saturday watching movies. I mainly do this after a really long, stressful, week. This was one of those weeks, so this is one of those Saturday’s. Usually Kendall or a girlfriend of mine joins but I decided I wanted some alone time today. I searched through netflix and picked out movies I haven’t seen and some that I have.
First on my list which I actually watched LAST Saturday night when my parents stayed with me was The Big Wedding.


We got some good laughs from this one. It was FILLED with celebs. I love Katherine Heigl just because of my obsession for Grey’s Anatomy. AND ERIC FOREMAN was on it (yes I know that’s not his real name but he’ll always be that to me.) Also is there anyone that doesn’t love Susan Sarandon, Diane Keaton, and Robert DeNiro?! Such classic actors. It’s a cute, cliche movie. You won’t die if you don’t watch it though.


Next up I watched What to Expect When You’re Expecting. I’m really glad I chose this today because it was actually really cute!


Again this was pretty stacked with celebrities as well! But my favorite part of this entire movie….


HELLO CHACE CRAWFORD. Why did I not watch this movie sooner! This just made me miss GG ten times more. Seriously this guy gets me all sorts of hott and bothered.
Chace Crawford aside this was actually a cute movie. Some sad moments and some relatable.  If you are looking for a girls night movie I highly recommend!

Next up I decided to watch The Other Woman.


I’m a big Natalie Portman fan! I had never heard of this movie but I’m glad I did. It’s a drama but not in the gripping the edge of your seat kind of drama. It’s raw, real life, drama. I swear no matter what kind of movie Natalie Portman is in she always nails it. I cried, alot. It’s pretty self explanatory. Woman has affair with her boss, gets pregnant, and marries the boss while dealing with the bitter ex wife and incorporating her new step son into her life. There’s more to it but I won’t spoil it for anyone who decides to watch.

After that I decided on one that I can pretty much quote every line of, Never Back Down.  It’s not a hugely popular movie but I know quite a few who have seen it. Saw this when it came out in theaters and then bought the DVD right after. Everytime I watch this movie I instantly feel super bad ass and want to punch something. I use the soundtrack to this movie a TON when I work out. If you haven’t heard the song Someday by Flipsyde LISTEN TO IT. For all you runners, I guarantee it’ll make you push a little harder for those last steps! Everything about this movie just makes you want to strive to do your best and fight your fight in life.



Main character, Sean Faris is a cutie.

Oh and another reason to watch NBD- CAM GIGANDET. He plays the bad one in this movie but he’s just oh so good. SERIOUSLY LOOK AT HIM. And everyone watch this movie!



And then lastly because the main actor from Never Back Down was in this next movie I chose to give it a watch.  It’s called Forever Strong. I enjoy a good sports movie and this one is based on Rugby.


This is actually a really good movie. I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of it before. Teenage guy on the wrong path forced to straighten his life out. You won’t be disappointed you watched it. Always room to turn your life around!


Oh and if What to Expect When You’re Expecting didn’t taunt me enough with having Chace Crawford in it, this one has Penn Badgley from GG as well. This is a sign.

So there’s my Saturday movie recap!  Hope everyone had as productive a day as I did! Seriously though, I needed this. Life is kicking my ass lately! Anyone else feeling that way?!

Happy weekend-ing!


I’m proud to be an American.

“Where at least I know I’m free. And I won’t forget the men who died and gave that right to me. And I’ll gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today.  Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land. God bless the USA!” That song never fails to give me chills.

As much as I hate all the horrible things that happen in America (but everywhere else as well) I’m beyond blessed that we are truly free, unlike many other countries. We aren’t forced into marriages, we don’t have to worry about who’s watching us, we don’t have to worry about terrorist groups barging into our homes, and we aren’t typically forced into anything. It breaks my heart that in this world some people live with those fears everyday. 

So on that note, I celebrated my freedom with an awesomely fun weekend filled with friends and family! Couldn’t have asked for a better 4th of July! It was definitely one for the books. I pretty much sat poolside all weekend.I enjoyed huge fireworks in the country while sitting in the hottub, drank copious amounts of alcohol and ate so much food I thought I would die (taco bar, HUGE breakfast each morning, bloody mary bars in the morning, amazing pizza, and SO MUCH BEER seriously we had 60 cases and two left by this morning), and laughed so much it hurt.










“Cause our flag still stands for freedom, and you can’t take that away.”

I hope everyone enjoyed celebrating our freedom!

How did you celebrate?
What’s your favorite part of the 4th?

A mess of things.

Hello Loves!

I’ve just been a busy little bee the past few days. I’ll even admit, my last two actual blog posts that weren’t questionnaires, were already pre typed. I don’t have enough time to even breathe lately it seems like! But in all honesty, it’s a good kind of busy. I’m getting ready for some really big life changes so I haven’t had time to be sad or anything (not that I’m really sad anyways)

I got quite unexpected but exciting news today! My cousin Whitney just told me she’s pregnant. Another new baby in the family is always awesome! It wasn’t planned so of course she’s pretty freaked out but I know she’ll be an awesome mom and her boyfriend absolutely loves kids so I know he’ll be a wonderful father! It’ll be one good looking kid, that’s for sure!


When I told Carrie, this was her response. Sometimes I wonder about her…

Next, I looked at my first batch of apartments on Saturday. We only had two showing scheduled for yesterday. We loved one and hated one. Tomorrow I have 3 more showings and they all sound really promising so it looks like I’ll be whipping out my paper and making a pro’s and con’s list! Those seriously never fail me! The one I liked on Saturday is a 4plex. A newly married couple with a new baby lives right above me so that’ll be cool if they need a babysitter! Overall everything was awesome at this place but I’m excited to the rest tomorrow. Then tomorrow is the day where I will choose which is the place I’ll be living. So nervous and excited!! After them comes the daunting task of getting my room all packed up and then I’ll be moving in March 1st!

I haven’t been able to keep up with the Olympics what so ever which makes me sort of sad but I always check the highlights everyday quick. Netherlands is doing well holding the number one spot with most medals and then Russia is actually doing better than predicted in second, along with the USA who has the same amount, just less silver. So therefore that puts us in third. Got to stay optimistic though! LET’S GO USA! I did see a mother of two accepting her silver after doing Skeleton and it was so cute how her family ran up as she was crying. She deserved that one!

Comeback Completed: Noelle Pikus-Pace Wins Medal as US Skeleton Flourishes

You can get through anything with the help of your family!

Today, because it seems that EVERYONE that blogs is obsessed with working out and running and what not, I gave in. I went to my first spin class. I died. I literally think a piece of my soul is gone. Not only did I puke up my entire lunch that I had right before I came, I also tripped and fell when I got off the cycle because my shoe was untied and somehow the shoe lace got stuck in the pedal. At least everyone got a good laugh. I laugh when I’m in pain. So I laughed, a lot. I don’t know if spin class is going to be my thing. So far the God’s are telling me no. My legs currently feel like jello. After that I did my usual workout which consists of free weights, the elliptical, bench press, and then some yoga and abs in a room where I can be by myself (usually). While in that room I usually practice my gymnastics skills too because I just miss it so much. I will admit this, I may have been slightly majorly, hung-over at my workout this morning.


Nothing feels better to me than doing a good bridge.

 I think now I’m going to go catch up on some reading while I lay in bed and recover from…well life.

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

What’s your favorite workout?

Does anyone else feel like they need more hours in the day lately?!

Super Bowl Sunday!


I love Sunday’s in general but this is one of my favorites!

For those of you who may not know, I am a HUGE football fan. I probably know more about football than a normal girl should know. What can I say? I grew up with it. Of course I am an avid Packer fan being from Wisconsin and I love me some Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews!

Can we just sit and admire the picture below? Hott damn.

I am also a huge Colts fan as well. But even more important, I’m a HUGE Peyton Manning fan, plus he’s number 18 and that’s my lucky number. He is probably almost tied with my love for Aaron Rodgers. I loved him with the Colts and I love him with the Bronco’s. So you can all guess who I’m cheering to win tonight.

GO BRONCO’S!!!!!!!

This is my absolute favorite blanket. For the love of the Packers and one patch of Colts. I shared the love for the Colts with my Uncle Gene. Sadly, he passed away less than a year ago. I know he’s watching from above and sending a little good luck to the Bronco’s 🙂  Miss and love you!

Just a heads up, sorry if there’s some typo’s I’m watching the pregame as I’m writing this (and drinking an amaretto and sour) My favorite! And then I’ll finish this post after the game!

My family has a Super Bowl party ever year. Let me tell you, it’s always a good time. No matter who is playing we always watch! We eat a bunch of wings, have a lot of beer, and enjoy a bunch of company. The cliché football party. But, I love every minute!

The best part of the super bowl, besides the football, is the commercials. I look forward to this every year!! The one that gets me the most, EVERY SINGLE TIME, is the Budweiser commercial. Some of you may have already seen it on youtube. I had to watch it, and I teared up. I’m not even a Budweiser drinker and watching that commercial could honestly make me drink anything! Put a puppy in a commercial and BAM, you have my heart!


And then here’s a list of the most viral super bowl commercials made! Enjoy!

Then there is always the halftime show. The who’s who get the chance to perform. If they’re not asking way too much money. This year they decided on Bruno Mars, who also ISN’T GETTING PAID TO PERFORM AT THE HALF TIME SHOW! For some people who don’t know Bruno Mars…read this. Although I’m not crazy into Bruno Mars I do really like some of his songs. Overall, it should be a good performance. (we shall see).

So, I will stop writing and continue this post after the Super Bowl. I’ll weigh in on what I thought of everything and hopefully I won’t be licking my wounds from a Bronco’s loss!

Time for the run down

Best commercial hands down (besides the one with puppies, horses, and beer, all in one) H&M. HOLY SHIT WAY TO GET ME ALL HOT AND BOTHERED. David Beckham, you are one sexy man. Those tattoos, woofta. Way to pull every woman (and possibly some men) in. That is advertising! Seriously, if you didn’t see it, go watch it!

-The anthem was beautifully done. I had never heard of the singer but she did it wonderfully.

(I’m sorry if you can’t concentrate on this now that you have to see the picture above. Seriously I just keep looking up at his really nice…underwear.)

-The first half was absolutely brutal for me. I’m pretty sure the Broncos just decided to not show up.

-Fun fact: 5 players on the Seahawks team came from our wonderful Wisconsin Badgers. And I personally know one of them!

-Halftime report-

Although I was a bit leery on Bruno Mars he actually did a really good job. He sounds good live which is something that’s important to me because I HATE when artists suck live. And yes, I did tear up when he sang Just the Way You Are. The countless times you’d sing that to me or text me little parts of it definitely hit a sore spot. Nonetheless, it was so good! Props to you Bruno Mars!

As the game continued after half time I really had to try my best not to turn off the game. 29-0 in the 3rd quarter, ARE YOU KIDDING ME BRONCOS?! Like did someone pay Peyton Manning to lose this game or what? You got your 5th MVP and then play like this in the Super Bowl. My frustration is just through the roof. All I can say is thank the high heavens that they eventually scored because if they would’ve not even got on the board I probably would’ve cried myself to sleep. Sometime in the 4th quarter I went upstairs and I switched to the Puppy Bowl. I’m pretty sure they could’ve played better than the Bronco’s. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!?

This is me towards the beginning of the game. Shortly after, I filled my cup. Then thanks to the Bronco’s horrible playing, I wound up having 5. Thank you ameretto and sour for being here in my time of need.

This was not a Super Bowl, it was a super blow. I guess I will be licking my wounds tonight. And on that note, I’m done.

(I apologize again, if there are any typos. I’m not going to edit this one. I am too depressed to try and be smart and grammatical)

I just realized how happy this article started and how it slowly progressed to being depressing. Football just does that to me. I’m really sorry to anyone who hates football. You can just look at the pictures and not read what I wrote.

Anyone have any thoughts on the super bowl? Best/worst moments? If you didn’t watch the Super Bowl what were you doing?

TGIF. Seriously, I NEED it.

So this is where I’d post a middle finger emoji if there was one.

This week has been so full of, well, everything. I have felt every emotion in the books. (and no it’s not my monthly visitor either). My week has just been crazy busy.

Monday and Tuesday I had off at my credit union job. (a day off does not mean what it used to anymore) YAY FOR GROWING UP. Instead, I babysat all day. Literally, ALL DAY.

Tuesday- I made the trek in -40 degree weather to Lacrosse for a job fair. Can I just tell you how tired I am of winter. To be honest I’m not a winter person what so ever and I was tired of it after the first snowfall. The people that enjoy cold weather really worry me. Everything just seems worse when the weather sucks. Personally, I am more irritable, I am ten times more tired, I have no motivation to do anything but cuddle up in my blankets, and going outside is like pulling teeth. I was born in the wrong state, that I am SURE of. Sometimes I look up funny pictures just to boost my mood. I think this was my favorite that I found, today.

Wednesday, or hump day as everyone else says was nothing as fun as it should sound when you call it hump day. Driving to work in the morning felt like it took an hour. People that live in Wisconsin should know how to drive in conditions that we get EVERY SINGLE YEAR. I didn’t even bring out the Duramax to make the trek and I did fine. I like to call my little car a tank because it’s been through hell and back and still manages to be absolutely wonderful! (Yes, I’ve had my fair share of accidents. RIP to my first car). When I finally made it to work I got out of my car and slipped right there. Not only did I completely fall on my ass but I smacked my head on my open car door. It was really just an awesome way to start out my morning. I had to sit through the first half of the day with a wet butt. We all know that’s the best feeling. So as you can imagine I was in a really good mood on Wednesday. Like I said, insert middle finger emoji to mother nature, HERE.

Thursday- To be honest it was just a boring day. I sat and waited patiently at work to hear about another job I had applied for in Lacrosse. I’m a very impatient person. I can’t help it, it’s a work in progress. A very, very slow one. After work I went home and made my third attempt to figure out how to work my new smart TV that I got for Christmas. Seriously, nothing pisses me off more than when I can’t figure out something with technology. I even waited an hour on hold with tech support for it. They didn’t help, at all. I put it back in the box for now. Like I said, I’m impatient.


Since it’s only 9:54 I can say I’m having a pretty good morning! It’s been a slow morning at work. (obviously since I’ve been able to write a blog post). I turned in my letter of resignation and it was very bittersweet. I’m excited that I’m moving but this has been my favorite job so I will miss it and my wonderful, yet wacky co-workers. I’m excited to see what Lacrosse has in store for me! Onto the next chapter. My last day will be February, 28th. Can’t believe it.

Tonight when I get home I will indulge in a large glass of wine. That is what I am most looking forward to! As for any other weekend plans, well I haven’t really made any. Which feels wonderful knowing I can do pretty much anything.


(I promise my next post will be more uplifting and happy)

What are your weekend plans? Was your week better than mine? Anything/anyone you would like to give the middle finger to from this week?

A weekend of nothing, and I loved it.

I’m sort of obsessed with reading. I guess there could be worse things to be obsessed to, right? When I read I’m literally oblivious to the world. There’s nothing I enjoy more than sitting in front of my fireplace, with a glass of wine, and reading (Cliché, I know).  But in all seriousness, lately it’s been even worse. I don’t know if it’s because the weather has been either our choice of inches, and inches of snow OR almost -40 degree wind-chill. Both are highly pleasurable wouldn’t you say?


So, instead of going out on a Friday or Saturday night I chose to stay in and read. I can’t lie though, I did have some company.


The best company.

Yes, my best four-legged friend who enjoyed the warmth of the fire just as much as I did. So while everyone was out drinking, wearing things that are in no way warm enough for this weather, and making poor decisions, I was sitting here. Do I think I missed out on a good night? Maybe. Do I wish I would’ve went out? Nope. I got to catch up on my reading and I woke up without a hangover and all day to do whatever I please, instead of sleeping it away.  I do wish I could say that I got to bed at a good time, but that would be a lie. I had a book and I just couldn’t stop reading. When I finally snapped out of my reading trance, (aka I finished the book), I saw that it was 4 a.m. Wonderful. I was so deep into that book that I didn’t even realize the time. That’s when you know it’s a good book.

a sisters gift

This is what I read.

Now, it’s Sunday and I decided to write this because I have already finished two movies. Now You See Me, which has Dave Franco, how can you not already love it?! And The Spectacular Now which is a newer one that got very little advertising but was surprisingly REALLY good. If you haven’t seen either of these movies I highly suggest you do so.

I am now going to attempt to figure out how to get my new smart tv to work. It’s more like a second attempt because I got too impatient the first time and put it back in the box. Patience- one thing I do not have but wish oh so much that I did.

I guess we can’t be perfect, and that’s more than ok with me.