(I’m an August baby, so I was the youngest of my graduating class. Literally, the youngest of them all.)

Fun-sized Wisconsin gal, born and raised. I love beer, cheese curds, anything cheese related, the country side, and the Packers. (Like I said, Wisconsin through and through) I could sit in a field and watch the clouds all day. So I’m a country girl I guess you could say. It’s also my favorite music genre.

I live lived dead center in the middle of Wisconsin in a town called Marshfield. We’re known for having the world’s largest round barn. It’s quite the accomplishment, I know. Try to contain your excitement. That’s pretty much all you’ll see in my town of 19,000.

Now I reside in La Crosse WI. Located on the Mississippi River and full of beautiful bluffs! It’s about 2 hours from my hometown where my parents live. Compared to my hometown there is always plenty to do. It’s also a big college town. I LOVE it here and love living on my own. I work a big girl job in a large building called Logistics Health. Trying to save up as much as I can so I can travel the world!

Avid reader. Seriously, I read books faster than anyone I know. I wish there was an award for fastest reader because I think I’d actually win it!

My best friend who happened to get me into blogging is none other than, Carrie Lippert.


Stubborn; spit-fire; sassy; outgoing

I have amazingly supportive parents.


I’m obsessed with my best friend, who just happens to have 4 legs and is a ball of fur. He’s a teddy bear and 4 years old. Couldn’t love anything more than I love him.


I’m still trying to find out what I fully want to do with my life.

So while I’m waiting to find out, I’ll just stick to this.


P.S. I’m one of the biggest wine lover’s you’ll ever meet. And I HATE and I mean REALLY HATE, wearing pants. Those who know me understand this all too well.


7 thoughts on “About

      • I didn’t realize I had TWO Canadian followers! I want to make a trip to Canada sometime! I met a Rugby team from there when they came to play a town here in Wisconsin. I could not stop making fun of them for saying “eh” all the time! They really do that!
        Looks like I’m moving to Canada if that’s the drinking age. That’s the suckiest thing about living here. I would love to just order a glass of wine with my Olive Garden meal! Haha.

      • Seriously, I have never met someone who uses “eh”. where the heck in this team from? I have told Carrie, hope on a plan and I will pick you up in Toronto. See you soon? Don’t hate us, but I have to drive 4 hours which includes crossing the boarded into NY to get me so Olive Garden… BUT you can buy wine here.. Pick your battles?

      • Well I don’t NEED Olive Garden with my wine lol. I’ll just take the wine! That battle was easy to pick! Carrie and I enjoy our roadtrips so I think if anything, we’d probably drive there! I’m trying REALLY hard to remember where they are from in Canada…it’s escaping my brain right now. I’m sure i’ll randomly think of it lol. I really want to say somewhere in Manitoba….

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