2015, Let’s Go.

I fell off the wagon for a while and by a while I mean since October. November through January 1st is always a super busy time for me as I’m sure it is for everyone. I did so much over the holidays that I really don’t even feel like writing about it all. To sum up Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years this is what I’ll show you.

LOTS OF FAMILY TIME. In fact, almost TOO much family time.


Cousins and my sister.


My ever so stylish grams.


The good times before Taylor was born. KIDDING, she was in the bathroom.


Cutting down our tree per tradition.



Alot of this.

And of course I worked out….NOT


My workout.

ANYWHO, 2014 was a monumental year for me. I became completely independent, moved to a new city, started a big girl job with a hoity toity company, hated said job, quit said job. Fell off the face of the earth for a bit, did some soul searching and now I’M BACK.
I didn’t really make any unrealistic goals for this year that I know I won’t stick to because I really don’t like those people. “I’m going to workout SO MUCH!!” …said every girl. This year I just decided that I would TRY to have more patience and also to accept the fact that some people are truly just stupid and ignorant. With that I’m going to try and keep sarcastic comments to myself and just find a silver lining in things. Lord knows I won’t be perfect because I swear they left the patient gene out of me when I was born and well, the world is filled with idiots. So here’s to that! I’m truly hoping that this will be a good year. I don’t need anything huge to happen I just want to relax and not have so much stress. Easier said than done but one can always hope!


What are your new year resolutions?


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