GONE GIRL. (No spoiler)




Finally saw this today. I was a huge fan of the book and wow, just wow. I’m completely mind fucked after seeing that. The acting was brilliant, it stuck to the book pretty well (something I always look for), I find the entire story line just fascinating and twisted, and Ben Affleck was definitely not hard on the eyes.


In all seriousness everyone PLEASE SEE THIS MOVIE. There’s so much I want to say but it’s still newer so I won’t spoil anything. If you’re looking for a good, pretty fast paced, twisted/dark, drama, just go see it. You will be lying in your bed thinking about it right after I promise you that.



Here is how my sister and I looked after it was over.


Have you read the book or seen the movie?



6 thoughts on “GONE GIRL. (No spoiler)

  1. I haven’t read the book, but i do really want to. And for the movie, idk, I’m kind of debating wether to go see it or nah, cause I’ve heard also really bad stuff about the movie😕

  2. Ughhhhh. I wasn’t even going to comment. I didn’t want to be the bitter betty. I read and really enjoyed the book. I generally have a rule that I will not watch a movie if I read the book. The movie is always a disappointment. I did enjoy the book, I really did. I loathed the movie. It was close to the book (Gillian Flynn actually had a huge impact on that), but the acting ruined it for me. I thought it was a horrible adaptation. Mind you, I probably hated it before it even began because of my anti-movie-adaptation. I heard you have to look at movie adaptations apart from the book and as an independent piece of work (I will argue to the death that one cannot do that)… In addition I detest those people who will never read the book because ‘they saw the movie’ and they think that is adequate. Or when the movie has a huge following, where people forget it was a book and the book no longer seems to matter…. I am rambling and not making any sense. I have been told I am a snobby book reader. I guess that is coming out in me…….. See, I don’t even think it was THIS movie, it just gets added to my list of biased movie adaptations which should stay as a book list.

    • You just ruined my life. I don’t know how you could say that acting was bad! Roasmund Pike was spot on creepy! I am pretty picky when it comes to movie adaptions too but I was thoroughly impressed with this one. I was left just mind boggled at the end and I love that. I’m so stoked for Dark Places to come out (another of her novels) because I’m a big fan of that book too. I’m going to The Best of Me on Tuesday and I’m hoping I love it. I’m a sucker for Nicholas Sparks books turned movies for the most part! I’ll be surprised if Gone Girl doesn’t win at least one award.

      • Haha I am sorry!!!!!! I am more excited for “Sharp Objects” (I probably enjoyed it more than Gone Girl).. Listen to me, miss “I hate movie adaptations” and I’m marking off another movie I can’t wait for for.. There is also a book which I loved more than Gone Girl (Before I Go To Sleep) and that movie comes out on Friday. My sister isn’t much of a reader so I will usually tempt her to read a book in a movie date in return. So I guess we will see if she reads this book!

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