Because in my little town, in the past couple years it’s been such a problem we’re starting to be known for it.
I’ve seen people I know put in jail for it.
I’ve seen people struggle with it day in and day out.
I’ve known people killed by it.
I’ve seen families torn apart by it.
Because I’ve seen people beat it.

I’m mostly writing this post in honor of my second “brother” who has struggled with addiction for years and years. If you would’ve known him you probably would’ve thought he’d wind up dead or in jail for good. Guess what? HE BEAT IT. If you know someone who’s struggled from alcohol and drug addiction then you know how big of a deal this is. You feel so proud and so thankful that somehow they dug themselves out of that hole and truly wanted better for themselves. I am SO proud to say he graduated from his drug court program. Please take the time to read this article.

Sadly, these kind of things don’t always have a happy ending, most times they don’t. A middle school friend of mine had a brother with a truly deep problem. Unfortunately for him he wasn’t able to overcome this demon. His family just recently wrote this touching article about how it effects people and a little background on the story. If you’re interested in this you can read that one here. The hardest part about this one is I know more than one effected by it. Of course this family lost their son, brother, grandchild but there is also the case of the family who’s son sold this heroin to Mark. This man happens to be one of my very good friends, boyfriend. THREE YEARS after the incident they decided to press charges and a young man is serving over 5 years in jail for selling. In no way to I condone the selling of drugs but I can also tell you this, Mike wasn’t a bad guy and of course Mike didn’t intend for someone to die. It’s where the justice system gets hard. Charging a man for negligent homicide and unintended homicide sounds so hard, especially since it was Marks choice to take those drugs but you also need to know if you’re dealing, ANYONE can wind up dead from those drugs. In this case I feel like nobody won. I always continue to pray for all those involved.


Addiction is scary. It can change a person completely. It can also be in someone that you never would even suspect. It hides, it manipulates, but make no mistake, it kills. Educate yourself, learn the signs, help someone if they aren’t helping themselves.


I always urge anyone I know struggling with anything like this to seek help. It may seem like something you’ll never overcome but if you have the drive then you can do it.

I think it’s important for people to see that there is hope that’s why I included such a happy story but also there are many other ways it can turn out too. Never let it be too late.


What are your stories?
Do you think there is anything we as a society can do to help this?


2 thoughts on “Addiction.

  1. Society needs to change it mentality before anything can be done. Too many people have the mentality that “addiction is a choice”, when statistically it has been proven it is a disease… I believe the only choice they had was to try it for the first time (I’m talking more about drugs than alcohol as it is slightly different). You can say no, and I think too many people are afraid of saying no in fear of not being ‘cool’.

    • I agree with the “mainstream” thing. Thankfully I have never given into any of that. It’s always really easy for me to say no for some reason. I know for a lot of people it isn’t.

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