Proud high school alum!

Welcome to my little sleepy hometown.


Main Street



Good ol post office

Where we’re known for one of the best medical facilities. I won’t go on about this one because my experience is so-so. But it is really big.



I always forget about this wonderful accomplishment my hometown has.
When asked at work to state a fun fact about my hometown I always have to say “umm we have the world’s largest round barn…” Ya, people laugh. BUT WE DO. This is it. It’s bigger in person.




And with snow since this is half the years weather.

Add it to your bucket list, folks!


Every year the Washington Post publishes a ranking of top high schools in Wisconsin. I’m proud to say this year we are #2 in the state! We have taken first place in 2011 (my graduation year) as well as 2013 and then second in 2012 and 2014. We are always back and forth between two high schools in Milwaukee who are this year, number one, and number three.
Overall in the nation we are #364 which seems bad but in reality for as small as we are, that’s pretty damn good.


It even lights up. Go Tigers!

Our school takes these rankings pretty serious. We have about 29 AP classes to offer and we’re constantly pushed to take them. “Take AP classes” they said…”They’ll be fun”…they said. AP classes are not so much fun. My junior year I decided to tackle AP American Literature, the only one of which I got a solid A in. AP Economics, which all I pretty much perfected was making good graphs, honestly I learned nothing and pulled off a B+. AP Spanish, no me gusta espanol…I was more than happy for that C-. AP Physics (DO NOT DO THIS TO YOURSELF), and AP Gov where I pretty much learned how messed up our country is. I also took an AP computer class which was so easy and stupid it was almost comical so I don’t even count that A.
In the long run, and I mean REALLY long run I was thankful for these classes. I can’t tell you how many nights I cried to my mom about AP Physics and told her I was dropping out and just finding a sugar daddy. Physics ruined my life. Math is awful enough,  add science and it’s my living nightmare. I truly had to work hard for my grades in high school. Unlike my sister who didn’t even have to open a book and could ace anything. She cried over a B. Studying pays off though because I was able to get a 25 on my ACT when my goal was a 23. Thank god I dominated the reading and English section because my math skills are not so hott. Although I didn’t do the traditional schooling I earned degrees in what I needed and am kicking butt lately.
We work/worked had at that school, students still continue to keep this ranking for us. Our educators are beyond wise. They’re compassionate, understanding,  and strive for excellence. For a town of under 20,000 we do pretty damn good academically.

Honestly, I didn’t like high school. But this is an exciting accomplishment.

I just want to also note, I won the 4th grade spelling bee too.
K, Thanks.

Check out the article!


4 thoughts on “Proud high school alum!

    • Hahaha I just laughed out loud at work and read that to my friend.
      AP stands for Advanced Placement which pretty much means they’re college courses as a high schooler (way fast paced and a lot harder).
      An ACT is a test you take that alot of colleges have a certain score you need to get accepted. It tests you on math, reading/grammar, history, and science. It’s pretty much the same as an SAT but SAT is needed to get into more prestigious schools (think Harvard, Yale, Ivy League schools). Plus SAT is tougher grading wise. Thankfully I never had to take that one. I don’t know many people that did.

      • Okay, so in Canadian high schools there are programs U(university), C(college), M(mixed), courses you can take.. U/C can also be known as Academic/Applied (obviously to created a huge segregation haha). If you want to go to University most universities require 6 U level credits from grade 12 (basically the ‘harder’ classes), “m” level is the electives… I guess U level would be like AP.

        Okay, so you need a certain grade on this test to get into college? No pressure or anything right? Here, colleges/universities look for a “minimum average” of all your classes which differ from school to school from 60-80%, and any prerequisite for your program (if you want to major in business, you need a grade 12 math credit), that seems so much easier and less pressure than this (dare I say) Random test?

        Gilmore Girls effect – Harvard and Yale are really the only two schools which matter in the US. haha… oh and I guess University of Alabama so Jamie can cheer for the elephant team.

      • Lololol I don’t know anyone who goes to an Ivy League school (i.e. harvard, yale, princeton, brown, columbia, Dartmouth, cornell, penn.) All of which are located on the East Coast. Alot of fancy celebs have gone to those and obviously they’re very expensive. And then obviously each state has like the really good colleges. Our top one would probably be UW Madison here in Wisconsin. And yeah you have to meet certain criteria to get into college. People stress unbelievably for the ACT and it’s like 6 hours and timed each section so if you don’t finish, too bad. And there’s no way to like completely study. You just pretty much have to study everything you’ve learned in 4 years of high school. It was awful because I had never taken pre-calc and there were questions for that haha. Alot of stuff could be stuff you didn’t even take which sucks. I played the guessing game for the math section. Not my forte.

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