On this day…

Where were you when the world stopped turning?
I was in class. I hardly had any idea what was going on. It wasn’t until I got home and saw how devasted my parents looked. They sat me down and explained it to me in child terms. I’ve gotta say, I wish I could’ve just kept it that way rather than learn the real, harsh truth of it all as I got older.

“We survive, it’s what we do.”

Just saying the date makes me cringe. I hate that about tragedy. No matter how much time passes the day is forever marked.
I especially feel bad for all the people with birthdays on this day. No matter what year they always have this event talked about on their day of celebration. That being said, how could we not talk about it? It’s a part of us. It’s a part of our history. It will be known by people who weren’t even alive for it. There’s no completely coming back from things like this. There will always be some reminder.
It’s been 13 years and we’re still rebuilding. Not just the monuments and buildings but also the people.
“I get knocked down, but I get up again. No they never gonna keep me down.”


“Cause our flag still stand for freedom and you can’t take that away.”

When I think about the events that happened and I sit here watching the 9/11 segments on tv I can’t help but cry. It’s an unfathomable event. I can’t even begin to understand how the people on those airlines or in the buildings must have felt. I can imagine the people that hadn’t prayed in years were doing so right then. The ones who jumped out from 80 story windows, what courage that must have taken. Either be buried under rumble or jump, either way they knew their fate. I probably would’ve chose the leap of faith as well if I absolutely knew I wasn’t going to make it. But then again, that’s the thing,  I have NO idea what I truly would do in that situation because I can’t even begin to imagine being in a situation like that. Each and every one of them were heroes. From the firefighters to the ones who tried to take back control of United 93. Pure courage.


I’m especially reminded today of how thankful I am for what I have. How thankful I am for those who serve our country and help me feel safe. For those who go out of their way to put themselves in danger in order to protect us. Those as well are the true hero’s.




And also prayers for ALL the innocent lives lost. We in America,  aren’t the only ones who suffered from this and I think sometimes people lose sight of the fact that innocent lives were lost because of this in other countries as well.


It’s all senseless violence. I wish the world didn’t have to be burdened with these things but it’s always going to be the harsh reality.

ALWAYS remember, America kicks ass. We will always make a comeback and everytime it will be stronger.
Watch out ISIS.

One final note, this day is also in remembrance of the death of a beautiful, Tina Franseen. The guy I was with for 4 years lost his mom to cancer on this day. To this family this is what they link 9/11 to above anything else. They are wonderful people and she gave birth to 5 amazing children before leaving this earth and would be so proud of them today. Even though most of you don’t know this family just say an extra prayer for them as well. The years may have passed since her death but the ache never fully goes away. I see that in all of their eyes. Especially since alot of them are getting married now or having children of their own.


Hug your family close, if you love someone, tell them, now. Life is too short to wait for tomorrow’s. You can never be too sure if you’re going to get a tomorrow. Always live in the moment.

And always remember,  ‘MERICA!


2 thoughts on “On this day…

  1. I was in grade 4.. Our principal came on the intercom and told us what had happened.. I went to catholic school; we all had to go to the gym, hold hands, and pray for everyone…. Later that night everyone was watching the news of what happened. The majority of US destined flights were landing in all of Canada’s airports. We held so many fundraisers to send money and food to those stranded at our airports. So many people took them into their homes until they were able to get home…. It is so crazy to me remembering back and truly not grasping what actually happened… Terrorism, evil, and bad things just didn’t happen before that moment.

    • We truly live in a scary world. Especially after that day.
      That’s so wonderful you guys did that though! I know my grandparents flight was grounded in some honky tonk random town as it was the closest airport to land at hahaha.

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