Wine more!

It’s no secret. I LOVE am IN LOVE with WINE. I really enjoy a glass of Moscato, but I definitely don’t discriminate!

Let’s start with Wine 101 for any of you newbies out there.

I do, I really do.

I honestly get anxiety when I think about being pregnant and not being able to consume alcohol for 9 months. At my last physical I told my doctor to tell me straight up what would happen if I drank a glass of wine like once a week. Her answer…ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, IF it’s not large amounts, not often, and not to the point where you’re drunk (duh). Obviously, you shouldn’t go around consuming millions of screwdriver’s and shot’s of tequila but a glass of wine here and there throughout pregnancy is actually a good thing. Especially red wine. (There are so many articles you can look up on this but asking you doctor is the best thing. Especially if you are pregnant. They can tell you how you’re doing then!)

There are also other health benefits of red wine.

1. Red wine may promote heart health.

Studies suggest that a compound in red wine called resveratrol may function as an antioxidant, lowering cholesterol levels and staving off blockage in heart vessels. The result: a lower risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.

2. It may reduce men’s risk of developing prostate cancer.

Research published in “Harvard Men’s Health Watch” found that men who drank an average of four to seven glasses of red wine a week were half as likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer as those who didn’t drink the stuff at all.

3. Drinking a bit of red wine on the regular could keep the blues away.

Last year, a study published in the journal “BMC Medicine” found that people over 55 who drank a glass of alcohol a day were less likely to be depressed than those who drank more or less. One possible explanation: resveratrol may have neuroprotective properties.

4. Even if you eat a ton, red wine might add years to your life.

A 2006 Harvard study found that mice on a high-calorie diet lived longer when they consumed resveratrol. (This one’s like having your cake and eating it, too.)

5. It goes so well with your food. 

The Mediterranean Diet, which experts say is one of the healthiest out there, is all about drinking a glass of red wine with dinner every night.

A wonderful list of wines and much more information! This is my go to!

And yes, this is how it was chilled at the winery.

My family knows me so well.

It’s blurry but you can see I have wine, that’s all that matters.

This awesome night light.

My favorite store. Because they serve mimosa’s while you shop. I prefer mine with cranberry juice instead of orange juice. I learned that in Jamaica.

Like I said, I really enjoy this store.

I’ll put this on my list of needs.

This is how I always make my decision.

My mom wears this.

When I’m feelin’ real classy, I drink it out of a mason jar.

My cheap bottle of choice. Barefoot Moscato. (The industrial size)

One hand wine, the other vacuum. If you have to clean you may as well do it right.

Go home bee, you’re drunk.

Tall glasses, wine glasses, straight outta the bottle. It doesn’t matter. I’m happy!

Lololol. Not right but I think it’s funny.


Even back in 2012 I was a wine lover.

I’ll even drink it out of a plastic skull cup.

I’d really enjoy this gadget.

For now I’ll just be happy with my newest addition 🙂

People always talk about how killer wine hangovers are. Honestly, maybe because it’s because I drink so much of it but I never get a wine hangover. If anything it’s those 5 or 6 tequila shots that kill me in the morning. Here are some wine hangover remedies.

I told you, that tequila will get ya!

Me after a night of drinking. “I am never drinking again”. EVERY DAMN TIME.

Sprite is my go to for hangovers. No joke.

For you penny pinchers, here are some wonderful wines that cost less that a fancy coffee!

Here’s how you open wine with everything but a corkscrew. Sorry, but I carry one in my purse. I’m not even kidding about that.

This is my current Pinterest project.

Myths vs. reality

Wine has a rich mythology, including how it should be chosen, stored, and served. Much of that information is limited or downright wrong. Here’s a rundown.

Myth: Wine improves with age.

Reality: Only certain wines may benefit from a few years of aging.

Wines that have a good balance of acidity, a lot of tannins, and intense fruit flavor may well improve with age. Candidates include some red wines (including most of the better cabernet sauvignons we’ve tested) and some heartier white wines, such as certain Burgundies and chardonnays. But even a wine with staying power will typically improve for no more than two to three years from the vintage year if it’s white, three to five years if it’s red; after that, quality might actually decline.

Myth: White wines go best only with fish and fowl; reds with meat and spicier fare.

Reality: A wine’s color isn’t always the best guide to the foods it will complement.

It’s a rule of thumb, but experiment. It’s as important to focus on the meal’s spices and sauces as on its primary ingredients. As a rule, richer dishes go best with full-bodied wine, including most cabernet sauvignons and zinfandels, and many chardonnays. Good choices for spicy foods include pinot grigios and semi-dry whites such as gewürztraminers and Rieslings. Lighter fare generally pairs nicely with lighter wines, including many bottles of the red varietals such as gamay (used to make Beaujolais) and pinot noir, and of white varietals such as sauvignon blanc, pinot grigio, and dry Riesling.

Myth: Wine needs special storage facilities.

Reality: Wine can be safely stored in almost any home.

A trend is now to store wine in a temperature-controlled cellar or custom refrigerator. But unless you’re collecting very expensive wines, any spot in the house that is out of direct sunlight, remains cool (less than 70 degrees F) at all times without temperature fluctuations, and isn’t subject to vibration will hold wine safely for a year or two. Most basements fit the bill. Store cork-finished bottles on their side. Screw cap bottles may be stored upright.

Myth: White wines should be served well chilled, red wines at room temperature.

Reality: For reds and whites, ideal serving temperature varies by wine type.

To get maximum flavor from the bottle, rich white wines, including most chardonnays, should be served cool, not chilled (limit them to about an hour in the refrigerator). Only lighter whites, including most sauvignon blancs, should be well chilled (about two hours in the fridge–longer and they might become too cold). Lighter reds, such as pinot noirs, should be served cool. Only “big” reds–such as most cabernets and zinfandels–are best served at about 60 to 65 degrees F. For more see Serving and storing wine.

Myth: Wine should be opened before serving to allow time for breathing.

Reality: Not all wines improve when exposed to air–and wine in a bottle with an opening the size of a dime rarely improves.

Opening a bottle a few minutes early does no harm, and certain wines will improve somewhat after they’re exposed to air. But merely uncorking a bottle and letting it sit exposes too little of the wine to make a difference. The best way to fully enjoy a wine before you drink it is to swirl it around in your glass and sniff.

Myth: Each wine varietal demands its own glass shape.

Reality: One glass for reds and one for whites will suffice.

Wine snobbery now urges a different glass for almost every varietal. Two types will do: A set of wide, 12-to-16-ounce glasses for reds, and more slender, 8-to-12-ounce glasses for whites. (This is seriously a necessity. I have special glasses for red vs. white.)

I have this poster. I laugh every time I look at it.

 Today is Sunday. I took full advantage of the miniscule sip of wine at church (thank you Jesus) and then came home and indulged in my size glass while enjoying my new binge show-One Tree Hill. I already love it even if I do feel like I’m cheating on everyone from Gossip Girl.

And remember folks, DON’T drink and drive. (I felt some weird obligation to say this due to the fact that I’m not quite 21 and wrote an entire post about alcohol.)

Work hard drink harder

Work hard drink harder


What is your favorite wine?

If not wine, what is your go to alcoholic beverage? (I’m a huge beer girl too.)


Xoxo, Gossip Girl.

Just kidding, it’s not that juicy but I just finished Gossip Girl and that show turns me into a high class upper east side, New York girl wannabe.
Seriously though. I didn’t think I would feel so attached to a show. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH MY LIFE NOW?!
I already miss the love that is Chuck and Blair.



And this is my new life motto. Just throw in something about the ever good looking Nate Archibald as well.


For those who think this is a dumb show but haven’t watched it-you’re wrong.  I used to think the same thing. Then I started watching a found myself thinking about the show while at work. Their lives were pretty much mine.


They're my best friends. They just don't know it yet.



And the girl we all loved to hate.
Georgina Sparks


I am beyond thrilled with how it ended but I wish it never had to end. That’s the problem with getting emotionally attached to a tv show.



I’m just really going to miss this ridiculously good looking cast….


Those three words♥♡


So what show should I binge on next?! I need a good one!! Suggestions please!
Has anyone else watched GG?!

Until next time,
Gossip Girl.

Rub me for luck.


It’s St. Patty’s Day. No joke one of my favorite holidays. The only thing that would make it better is if it was considered a holiday where we got off work!
I wore green to work, obviously.


And after work (now) I changed into my attire for tonight.


Even got the beer goggles all set to go. (Just kidding I won’t wear these)


I had plenty of green beer on Saturday night which honestly is kind of stupid to me but hey, when in Rome. I have to have at least one tonight on the actual day. Then I will enjoy the Guinness which is ten times better anyways.


Green isn’t necessarily my color but I set that aside for one day a year.
So, just how Irish are you? (I got something like I’m no expert but I know enough that they’re proud to call me Irish) Let’s find out!
Here’s a pretty neat Irish flash dance mob.
One of my biggest pet peeves- People who dress up like sluts and come out on st patty’s and tell everyone to kiss them because they’re Irish for the night. No, you’re not. You never will be. And I’m glad you’re not.
Mom and I promised that we will spend St Patrick’s Day in Ireland one day. I think that would be amazing.

And on a sidenote- Luck was on my side this weekend/today. I found a dollar in the parking ramp this morning.
It was a really dirty dollar. That didn’t stop me from picking it up though.


Then on my way back to La Crosse from Pittsville (I was visiting Carrie) I got pulled over. Not only did my heart stop when this happened but I also sobered up right away. I was by no means drunk but Carrie and I had a couple bottles of wine while painting. I kept it calm, cool, and collective. It paid off too because guess what?! I ONLY GOT A WARNING! And it was a sheriff (just as bad as state patrol). I was thanking my lucky stars. He didn’t even realize I had been drinking. Lesson learned!


Hopefully St Patrick’s Day makes/made your Monday a little better!

Have you had your green beer or Guinness?
Are you Irish? If so how much?!

3 down 37 to go.

So sorry I’ve been somewhat absent! I have the best intentions on checking up on the blog world and posting but honestly, my ass is dragging lately.

Monday was my first day at my new job. Normally first days are pretty chill. I was completely wrong this time. It was the longest 8 hours of my life. Never have I ever learned so much on my first day on a job. I was pretty excited to get my official fob and just take in the new surroundings but I was even happier when I got to go home and crash afterwards. I did too. Got home at 4:30 and fell asleep until ten. Then I couldn’t fall back to sleep until three in the morning.


It doesn’t help that daylight savings time totally fucks me up too. I’ve had problems with that since I was little.

Back to the job.
The view is great.
Right in front of the Mississippi! You could see water and the current which was my sure sign of spring!


Day two was better but still so much information.  We had two people drop out already. When I say this stuff is hard, I mean it’s REALLY hard. Hence why it’s 8 weeks of training. The computer system they use to track all these military members appointments is ridiculous.  I have at least 5 different screens open at once. The codes are killer to memorize and you have to complete each call within a time frame (unless it’s something major or a problem). I’m really good with technology usually and I’m even struggling.
Today after another 8 hours of this I just feel fried. I can’t remember the last time I felt this mentally exhausted. So I went to see American Hustle after work. WITH A NEW GIRLFRIEND I MADE!
Before I started my mom told me to make sure “I didn’t have my bitch face on” haha.  It worked obviously.  We hit it off instantly and both decided we needed to get out tonight before another crazy day of training.
Never have I ever looked forward to the weekend so much. I’m sure I’ll be saying that alot now.
Welcome to adulthood.

Oh and P.S. my mom had work here in La Crosse today so her and my grandma came last night and had a sleepover at my place. It was so fun. I realize even more now how amazing my family is.


Any exciting life updates?
Does daylight savings have a bad effect on anyone else?!
Any good tips for how to survive this insane training period?

Big girl update!

Hello everyone!
So much happening!
First let’s start with my move in! I’m all settled in my cute one bedroom and I AM IN LOVE! Seriously it’s so homey!


Love my bedroom!





All the decorating isn’t done but I really like it! Goodness I love decorating. And the fact that my aunt owns a home decor store here isn’t helping my problem!


I bought these today!

Did I mention that I love this town?


The old parts are my favorite

Grandma knew how much I’d miss my puppy so she got me framed pictures.


They're adorable!

On Monday I had my job orientation. It was alot of signing my signature and listening to boring stuff.
OH and I got my fingerprints taken at the La Crosse Police!


I guess I should’ve committed all the murders I needed to before I was in the system for the government. Damn.

I’ve indulged in alot of wine since my move in on Saturday. 



I watched the Oscars and had wonderful banter back and forth over twitter with Jenna 🙂
Oh and Kendall came and watched with me.


Aren't I supposed to be laying on his lap?

My Oscar recap: JLaw can do no wrong. She tripped yet again and I loved it. Lupita can wear any color. Ellen is the funniest person in the entire world. John Travolta made a fool of himself. Idina rocked her Let it Go performance. Jared Leto loves his mama and I think it’s awesome. I’m jealous of the guy that delivered the pizza. He said the best thing was meeting Julia Roberts. Oh and the dancers during Pharell’s performance of Happy was awesome. His hat and those shorts he wore with his tux…No, just no. It’s like fetch, it’s never going to happen.

Now for the rest of the night I’m going to be drinking wine and continuing my Gossip Girl. SO INTENSE.

Oh and I also had happy hour drinks today in hour of Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday. It was grand.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!
Anybody have any exciting plans tonight?
What did you think of the Oscars?